Restore your balance
In this high-stress, fast-paced technological age, people are being thrown out of balance.
We spend hours scrolling through Facebook feeds on our iPhones and laptops. We stare at the flickering lights on our TV screens and our minds have lost the ability to know when to switch off.
By the afternoon, we are exhausted and crashing looking for coffee and sugary snacks to push through to the end of our day.
We go to bed exhausted but our minds race and we can’t manage to sleep at night.

This is where Ascend Cleanse comes in. Breakthrough! Our range of all natural organic products coupled with a mindful relaxing pre-sleep ritual is GUARANTEED to put you on the path to deep well-rested sleep so that can leap out of bed feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to take on the new day.



Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” is an all natural, organic herbal tea blend that assists to restore and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.  With its mildly sedative effect it calms the nerves and eases stress before bed as well as alleviates bloating by aiding digestive function. Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” promotes such a deep sleep and a clear and vivid dream state that can go as far as to induce lucid dreams.



Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is a high quality organic super leaf that provides focused energy, mental clarity and alertness.  With twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as coffee, its all natural ingredients will give you the perfect start to the day.  Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is rich in amino acids and vitamins to  support the immune system. It will boost your metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce bloating and suppress unhealthy food cravings.