Restore your balance
Ascend Cleanse creates holistic super teas & conscious ritual products to nurture the minds and bodies of an awakened generation. Our products are designed to restore your circadian rhythms and evolve your consciousness.  Not just your average tea cleanse, our all-natural organically grown teas and accessories will provide you with energized days, restful sleep and an inspired dream state. Ascend Cleanse will see you restore your balance and promote enriched, enlightened and energetic lifestyle.



Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” is an organic herbal super tea blend that promotes a clear and vivd dream state which will ultimately lead to lucid dreams.  Dreaming is one of the key indicators of a healthy sleep cycle and lucid dreaming is a critical step in developing the mind and the expansion of consciousness.  With its mildly sedative effect, Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” calms the nerves, eases stress before bed and assists to restore and optimize your sleep cycle.  For anyone who’s on a spiritual path, with lucid dreaming you learn to be awakened and present through all states of consciousness.



Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is a high quality organic super leaf that provides focused energy, mental clarity and alertness.  With twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as coffee, this alkaline forming tea will give you the perfect energizing kickstart to the day.  Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is rich in amino acids and vitamins to support the immune system. It will boost your metabolism, detoxify the body, reduce bloating and suppress unhealthy food cravings.  This tea contains a compound called L-Theanine which releases meditative brainwaves to enhance mental performance.